Fred Glynn – An Insight into The Goal of Fiscal Conservatism

Fiscal conservatism refers to the economic and political philosophy regarding fiscal responsibility and policy. It advocates reduced taxes, low government spending, and minimal government debts too. In short, it is based on two key principles- cutting taxes and reduced spending.

Fred Glynn – An advocate for fiscal conservatism

Fred Glynn is involved with the Hamilton County Council. He was a Past President and credible councilman who always placed the needs of the residents first. He created an organization with successful accountants, small business owners, and attorneys for creating a start-up policy for small businesses. This was for the Governor’s Campaign.

He uses his experience and knowledge in finance to prepare county budgets, salaries, taxes and approving appropriations that have been requested. As an advocate of fiscal conservatism, he has always worked for low taxes, minimal government debts, and reduced government spending to ease the burden of people in the nation.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, Florida. He was a certified airframe power plant technician (A&P) before venturing into a successful governance and finance career.

Understanding the objective of fiscal conservatism for the community

County leaders like him are considered to be fiscal conservatives. They keep the interests of the taxpayers in mind and support the reduction of wasteful government spending and lower taxes. They also believe in reducing regulation pertaining to businesses and other private practices that benefit society. If deemed necessary, advocates of fiscal conservatism support higher taxes for reducing public debts. Those people that subscribe to the above philosophy firmly believe that deficit spending is not required at all. In order to stop corruption, they support balanced budgets where their revenue equals the expenditures.

The objective of fiscal conservatism is to permit the optimal function of the economy without creating a burden on the government. Advocates of fiscal conservatism believe that a free market permits businesses and individuals to grow as they respond to customer demands. With this belief, the industry competition leads to improved services without raising costs. This, in turn, permits people to grow in their respective professions as well as businesses. The goal here is to create fair and equal opportunities for all in society.

Keeping this unique philosophy of fiscal conservatism in mind, he prepares tax rates, budgets, and salaries and approves requested appropriations in Hamilton County. Besides community service, he also believes in health and fitness. He shares his views on health and promotes daily jogging and running. He loves staying outdoors, especially in the nature reserves in Indiana.

According to Fred Glynn everyone should be conscious of their health. They should eat a balanced diet and exercise daily. He says that simply doing cardiovascular workouts will fill your body with energy. You must remember that your body is a machine that burns fat, and whatever you eat should be properly utilized by the body always. In this way, you can beat stress and feel good about yourself as well!

Fred Glynn – An Insight into The Goal of Fiscal Conservatism
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