Hong Kong Incorporation Services – What You Need to Get Started

Hong Kong incorporation services were designed to facilitate investors to complete the registration process in a stress-free manner. When you choose the right corporate incorporation service, qualified experts help quickly approach the whole registration procedure and crafting high-quality documents. The best incorporation service providers help in incorporating businesses regardless of industry or size. They work closely with leading stockbrokers and investment companies to ensure your business’s best registration and licensing procedures. These registration firms also help register limited liability partnerships (LLPs), corporations, and teamwork, all onshore or offshore corporations, and help individuals write their Hong Kong company.

Registration through Hong Kong incorporation services is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to set up a business anywhere in the world. The most common business registration methods include the “umbrella” method. A company becomes registered in Hong Kong incorporation services under the Companies’ Administration Act but does not have appointed officers. Under this method, the nominee company director is usually a foreign national staying in Hong Kong. It has many disadvantages, such as limitations to liability and tax payments and complicates documentation and record-keeping. On the other hand, Hong Kong companies can benefit from the full advantages of incorporation due to its well-designed corporate laws and highly professional registration services.

Companies can choose between three business office address formats based on their premises in Hong Kong. It may be either the actual business office address or the statutory office address, which only allows limited company officers to access company records and finances. However, there is an option of incorporating a company in Hong Kong under the abbreviated form of “HKC” where the fully spelt-out terms replace the abbreviated words for better clarity and consistency. The fully spelt-out words are “Home Office”, “Government Offices”, and “Legislative Department”.

Formulating the Memorandum and Articles of Association is one of the main tasks performed by the Hong Kong incorporating service providers. For this, they follow the Uniform Dispute Resolution procedure applicable in England and Wales. It is to ensure that all the requirements of the Hong Kong law are met. One of these requirements is that all the corporate members must be aged at least 18 years old and that each director must have a permanent address around his business.

All the Hong Kong incorporation services’ corporate members must have their own signed contracts with the company, including the rules on share ownership, management, maintenance of books and accounts, transfer of shares, fees, etc. Individual companies only deal with the limited liability company type of business structures. These are also best suited for those new to the world of company formation in Hong Kong.

Forming the company requires you to provide the company’s registered office at the location you conduct your business. Then all the corporate documents must be provided concerning the nature of your business. The company officers can attend the company’s board of directors once the full board has met at the regularly scheduled meetings. It is done to facilitate smooth negotiation between the company and the government and avoid any complications.

The next important step is that all the corporate documents are to be countersigned by each director. It would mean that all the shareholders need to sign the corporate records, and no one will be able to change the ownership without their agreement. Once all the corporate documents have been presented to the relevant authorities, they will carry out the company’s necessary background checks and then issue the company’s Hong Kong business registration certificate.

Hong Kong business registration does not require any fees for the company formation process other than the submission of the government fees. Hence it is an extremely inexpensive way of incorporating a company. Besides this, all the paperwork can be done online within a short time. Therefore, if you wish to include a Hong Kong company formation, it can be done quickly and save on all the other expenses associated with the incorporation process.

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