How to Buy the Best Energy Saving Products

With rising energy costs it is now a good time to invest in energy saving appliances. As your old devices age it is worth considering an energy efficient replacement. Fortunately international standards and logos, such as ENERGY STAR, have developed so you can ensure you are buying reliable energy saving products.Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient electronic equipment. It was created by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 and has now been adopted by several countries around the world, including the U.S. and Australia. Other similar labels include the EU Energy Label andt he UK Energy Saving Recommended Label.Governments across the globe are cooperating through the national energy saving programmes to encourage the use of energy efficient equipment at home and in business.How do energy efficient products work?

Energy efficient products reduce the amount of energy consumed by either automatically switching the device into a ‘sleep’ mode when it’s not being used and/or reducing the amount power used when in ‘standby’ mode.Office equipmentWhile most office equipment now has the potential to save energy in this way, not all machines, industrial cleaning supplies  particularly PCs, have actually been enabled so that the energy saving features are activated. Ask your IT or maintenance staff to help.Home electronics productsEnergy Star home electronics products have their energy saving features already activated when you buy them. If your TV, VCR or DVD complies with the Energy Star standard, it will consume around 75% less energy in standby mode than standard products do. Because products like these spend more than 60% of their time on standby, this can add up to a significant reduction in energy use.