Whether Vaping Around Your Pets Is Safe Option?

There is a good reason why all your vape products come with a statutory warning to keep them totally out of reach from your pets and children. Like many other things that we do in our homes even vaping near your pets can be hazardous. So, if you are fond of vaping then you have to be very cautious while your pets are nearby.

Usually, switching from cigarette smoking to vaping will be the right step. Various toxins and chemicals can always be dangerous to your pets and while using your e-cigarette too, you must be very careful.

For dogs, however, the scent of e-liquid can be quite enticing. However, according to experts, the nicotine content, as well as many other ingredients of e-liquids, is very toxic to all your pets.

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How vaping can put your pet dog at risk?

When using your e-cigarettes, in many ways you can put the well-being of your pet at risk. These can include:

  1. Ingestion of e-cigarettes/e-juice

Most e-juice found on the market are flavored by using appealing scents that may also attract your pet dogs or cats. Therefore, quite often a case comes, where a pet dog has ingested any e-liquid.

If your pet dog ingests nicotine then it can create problems with their central nervous system as well as their respiratory distress. Unless there is a quick intervention and certain effective treatment, it can always be fatal.

  1. Inhaling vaping chemicals

Another form of risk that can happen to pets is via inhaling the “smoke”. After smoking e-cigarettes, the toxins that are produced may include nicotine, aluminum and also hydrocarbons.

The WHO (World Health Organization) had already announced that any second-hand aerosols coming from e-cigarettes can be a hazardous source to pollute the air quality both for pets and people.

By breathing in these toxins can increase the risk of your pet developing certain respiratory problems and also lung cancers, cancer of sinuses, and also nasal cavities.

How to keep the pets safe?

For those who are genuinely very concerned about their pet’s welfare and also want to be more cautious then it is suggested that while vaping, you must find some open areas and use your vape pen or e-cigarette. You must be as much away from your pet.

Also, you must make sure you must keep all your e-juices and bottles in a very safe place where your pets or children can never get access. You must also throw all the empty and discarded bottles far away so that dogs cannot find them and end up chewing them as they chew toys, etc.

You can also ensure safety, particularly of your cat, by vaping high VG liquid. This way, you can avoid exposing your cats to an extra amount of PG while vaping.