It’s possible to save lots of yourself a great deal of time, money and energy by simply converting your bike to an e-bike. An electric bicycle conversion is fast and simple to do, and usually costs much less money than going out and buying a brand new e-bike.

How exactly to Convert a Bicycle

By using electric bicycle conversion kits, it’s possible to convert any bicycle to electrical power in a short time. Most conversions are as easy as replacing a bike wheel. Simply remove the old wheel from your own bike, and fit the brand new electrical drive wheel into its place.

Your bicycle conversion kit should have a easy to install controller, battery and wiring, which is all very easy to mount and connect by following instructions given your conversion kit. As soon as you are done with this, you’re ready for easy and simple riding experience of your daily life!

Why You Should Convert Your Bicycle

The electrical assistance given through electric bicycle conversions implies that you can either pedal or simply take it easy while you ride. You can even work with a combination of both pedaling and drive assist. The electrical drive provided by your electric bicycle kit can provide you many advantages over a standard pedal-powered bike. It extends your range also it lets you take routes that may previously have already been too difficult (too hilly). You’ll reach your destination feeling refreshed and ready to use it!

Perhaps you can use the electrical help out with the morning, and pedal on the way home to get some essential exercise in. E-bikes permit you to pedal as little or normally as you like. Just use the electric boost whenever you require a bit of help.

Electric Bicycle Conversions go Unnoticed by Others!

electric bicycle Located discreetly in the heart of your bicycle’s wheel, the electric motor in the conversion kit is the cleanest, cheapest and most efficient drive system for bikes that’s available. Also, they are very quiet, meaning that no-one will ever understand that your bike is motorized following your electric bicycle conversions. Simply because the electrical drive is incredibly silent, yet provides the ultimate boost in smooth riding.

The great thing though, is your electric bicycle kit does not have any impact on the handling of your bike. It will turn to others just like you are riding a normal bicycle. Therefore, when you can ride a bicycle, then adapting and riding your own is a piece of cake.

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Things to Consider

There are several different alternatives to consider when contemplating investing in a bicycle conversion kit. Motors normally can be found in three different sizes; 200W, 350W and 500W. The most frequent motor used is the 200W one, as e-bike conversions in cities don’t usually require too much power.

Be careful if you choose a kit that offers 350W or even more, they might be very powerful! It is essential that you only install these types of kits onto bicycles that have steel forks. This could be checked by using a simple magnet. If the magnet sticks to the forks, then you are good to go. Or even, then you should go get yourself a steel set first.

Cheap and Efficient

Electric bicycle conversions lead to remarkable efficiency.

Bicycles are already well known as one of the most efficient forms of transport on the planet, but the benefits provided by electric bicycle conversions extend this efficiency even further. E-bikes are therefore one of the practical machines for transportation which have ever been devised!

They are also very reasonable. Electric bicycle conversion kits can be had from only $300, with the very best electric bicycle conversions costing around $1500. What with the rising gas prices that just continue up and up, it’s easy to calculate the savings potential a conversion kit can bring.

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