XCMG delivers custom GR2605 mining graders to Rio Tinto’s mines

Chinese construction machinery manufacturer XCMG has delivered a customised fleet of GR2605 graders to Rio Tinto’s mines.

The company is also going to commence the manufacturing process of Rio Tinto customised GR5505 mining graders.

According to XCMG, the GR2605 grader model has been customised specifically for Rio Tinto.

Rio Tinto China purchasing general https://www.aga-parts.com/ manager Greg Courts said that the success of the GR2605 grader customisation project is the result of the cooperation between Rio and XCMG.

Rio Tinto believes that XCMG is capable of producing “world-class” super-horsepower graders.

Meanwhile, XCMG’s GR5505 has secured many orders for super-large mining graders in domestic as well as international markets.

It is designed to serve open-pit mines, heavy load bulldozing and landscape finishing due to other high load conditions.

XCMG noted that its XDM80 mining truck is now the ‘preferred mining transportation vehicle’ in the eastern Inner Mongolian mining region.

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